Company Overview

Company Overview

KCN Vietnam was established to meet the increasing demand for premium industrial properties for rental. As a developer, KCN aims to provide professionally designed, built and managed developments for the industrial sector, thereby contributing to the country’s attractiveness for FDI.

We initially acquired 200 hectares in our land bank with an investment of over $300 million. In the coming years it is our intent to expand our portfolio with the aim to become one of the leading local industrial real estate platforms. With its extensive and close relationships with local authorities both at central and provincial levels, KCN’s experienced management team is able to accompany foreign investors in their investment administrative process in Vietnam.
Our long-term vision is to capitalize on the growth of the supply chain sector in Vietnam and thrive to meet increasing market demands.

Let KCN Vietnam be your Local to Global Connector.

Our background

Thien Huong Group

KCN Vietnam belongs to the privately owned Thien Huong Group. Originally established in 1997, Thien Huong Group has successfully built new businesses and acquired existing ones over its quarter of century existence in various sectors of the country’s booming economy: hospitality, real estate, education, shipping, media, and finance.

Current investments include:

  • High quality international education: British International Schools (BIS) and the British Vietnamese International Schools (BVIS).
  • Premium residential real estate, SILA Urban Living and Riverside
  • One of the largest fuel transporters in Vietnam, Au Lac Corporation
  • Office real estate, media, and more

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